Another small step to sustainability

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The Lodge Tyre Co. Ltd takes reducing its environmental footprint very seriously. Be that by installing solar panels on the majority of appropriate depot roofs to running a fleet of car derived electric vans; by using energy efficient LED lights to illuminate many of our stores to having underbonnet electric compressors in all our fleet service vehicles. Continually reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is a key strategic target for this expanding business.

We recently achieved another milestone on this journey, achieving certified status that all the electricity used within our growing network of 50 plus stores is generated renewably. Our energy deal with Engie will run until 2022. At the typical emission level of carbon dioxide needed to generate one kWh (kilowatt hour) in the UK, the website expects this new policy to save around 20 tonnes (20,000 kg) of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere over the next 3 years. Carbon Dioxide is one of a number of gases linked to climate change, so all sustainable reductions are to be eagerly welcomed.

Not travelling on this journey alone, Lodge Tyre Co. Ltd would especially like to thank Chris at The Green Energy Advice Bureau  for helping us achieve this significant reduction in our emissions.


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