Do you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle? Is your mechanic suitably trained to work on your electric/hybrid vehicle?

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Wishing to always stay ahead of the curve, Lodge Tyre Co Ltd has invested significantly in training many of their retail technicians to Level 2 in Electric/Hybrid Routine Maintenance Activities. Working closely with Profit From Training, a leading automotive training specialist, all our main retail locations now have at least one technician competent to work of electric and hybrid vehicles. This enables us to work safely with the high voltages of your vehicle, giving you the peace of mind, your
vehicle is in good hands.

A brief synopsis of the course follows below,

Electric & Hybrid Course Information:


This award is designed for technicians who maintain and repair electric/hybrid vehicles. It contains the skills and knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle’s high & low voltage electrical system and electric drive train system, whilst carrying out repairs or maintenance.

As a result, learners successfully completing this qualification will acquire significant core knowledge and skills and the ability to work safely around and maintain electric/hybrid vehicles.

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