Watch out for our new van livery

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The bright yellow lettering on the dark blue base of a 3.5 tonne commercial vehicle has long been synonymous with Lodge Tyre Co Ltd. The traditional livery together with the ‘Never Forget’ elephant’s rear logo has stood for excellence in tyre servicing, supply and knowledge for many of the UK’s commercial fleet managers, and has become a familiar site on the roads across much of central England. However, nothing last forever, so following the recent Halfords Group acquisition of Lodge Tyre Co Ltd our van livery is evolving to fall into line with other Commercial Fleet Service companies.

Vans will now come on a white base and be wrapped with a brighter blue, chequered rear half. The golden yellow lettering remains with additional reference made to our new parentage. Our car derived van fleet is going first, so over time, as vehicles reach their place in our replacement cycle, the old livery will slowly disappear.

I think you’ll agree the modern take on the familiar detailing is eye-catching whilst at the same time paying respect to our values and history.

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