P1 for Teddy Pritchard-Williams at Shennington

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P1 for Teddy Pritchard-Williams at Shennington this weekend  Teddy started heat 1 in 20th and finished P4, heat 2 in 2nd and finished P1, heat 3 he started in 9th and finished P1 then in the final he started Pole and after a tough race finished the winner.

This win in JX30 has been a long time coming, firstly thank you to Teddy, maturing every race and making me a very proud Dad again, huge thank you to Josh Hatton for looking after all of us this weekend, Lee Murray and MLC for the kart and the whole package and Paul Carr for the engines. As always thank you to Mark Ellis ans Kingsway Tyres for their continued support. This win is dedicated to Teddy’s Granddad Roy who has been very poorly and his number one fan and supporter. Here’s to 2018!!

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