We work hand in hand with one of the largest retreaders in Europe, Vaculug.

George Edmund Lodge founded The Lodge Tyre Co Ltd in 1935. To this day, it still remains a family concern offering the same high levels of personal service and excellent quality. We work hand in hand with one of the largest retreaders in Europe, Vaculug. All of our exclusive products are jointly conceived, researched and developed using our operational knowledge and their manufacturing excellence. All of our products are British made to the highest of standards and are currently being used by many prestigious fleets and councils throughout the Midlands.

Better performance

Retreads are manufactured and tested to the same performance criteria as new tyres (ECE Regs. 109). They can last as long as new tyres and often longer due to their unique design. Bespoke tread compounds and patterns for specific vehicles or operational conditions.

Better for the environment

Independent tests have shown the manufacture of retreads tyres generates 70 per cent less CO2 than that of new tyres. Retreading uses less natural resources – a typical Lodge retread uses 75 litres less oil than an equivalent new tyre as well as reducing the demand for energy and other petrochemicals during the production process.

Better for your pocket

Retread tyres typically cost 25-30 per cent less than new tyres. Add the cost-per-mile benefits and the savings are even more significant.

The Lodge Retreading Process involves taking a worn casing of good structure and quality and completely renewing the tread and the sidewall rubber. The rebuilt tyre then goes through a curing process during which the new rubber is vulcanised and the tread pattern is formed.

Total tyre management

At Lodge Tyre we pride ourselves on our quality of service and on the management reporting and information that we provide. Our aim is for our customers to completely outsource their tyres and associated services to us, thus, enabling them to concentrate on their own core competencies. We provide monthly reporting and constant contact to justify our costs and to engender both trust and peace of mind. Our fleet management systems offer a fully comprehensive cradle to grave service. We have over 100 mobile fitting vans and 23 depots across the Midlands and North West. We are an independent company and as such can offer any make of new tyre and bespoke packages. Our continual test and evaluation service ensures that each customer has the optimal tyre package for its own individual operating services. From an owner driver to the largest metropolitan council fleet in Europe we offer total service packages, total reliability and total operating cost control.

Did you know?

  • A commercial aeroplane tyre can be retreaded up to 12 times!
  • It takes half a barrel of crude oil to make just one new truck tyre.
  • Every day in Britain over 100,000 worn tyres are removed from cars, van and trucks. This equates to over 40 million tyres per year (440,000 tonnes).

Enviromaster – All modern high powered heavy waste collection vehicles. Transfer operation and landfill.

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Energymaster – Modern high powered heavy trucks. Regional and long haul service.

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Enduromaster – On/off road. Regional service. Highly versatile.

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