Commercial Wheel Alignment

Correctly aligned wheels offer these benefits and cost savings:

Fuel savings
Rolling resistance from the tyre increases if alignment is not correctly adjusted – correctly adjusted alignment will reduce fuel consumption and running costs.

Optimised tyre mileage
Incorrect alignment is one of the main causes of tyre wear – 1mm misalignment decreases tyre mileage performance by 7%.

Reduced mechanical wear
When wheels or axles are not aligned, mechanical parts are subject to increased stress and premature wear, for example, suspension components and bearings, increasing vehicle maintenance cost and down time.

Safety improvements
Vehicle handling, safety and driver comfort also depend on the wheel and axle alignment.

What to look out for:

  • Tread Tearing – Excessive wear to the tread area resulting in tearing of tread ribs and/or blocks. Caused by wheel alignment problems on front steer axles.
  • Tread Feathering – Excessive wear across breadth of the tread pattern leading to feathered appearance. Commonly found on steer axles of vehicles with steering geometry problems. Tyres scrub across the ground instead of rolling freely.
  • Shoulder Damage – Related to nearside steer axle of truck generally attributed to under inflation. Influenced by steering geometry faults.

How we can help:

  • We use professional market leading products. Allows easy access to trackrod ends.
  • Eliminates rolling the vehicle ‘to and fro’. Can be used on 4 post lifts, pits or floors.
  • Fits wheels from 17”– 24”. ‘Laser’ beam enables easy to read measurements.

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