Why we don’t sell part-worn tyres

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As active members of the National Tyre Distributors Assocation (NTDA), Lodge Tyre Co. Ltd fully support their recent hard hitting campaign to improve road safety by making drivers think twice about the implications of fitting part worn tyres to their vehicles.

Launching in the tyre press in October 2019, members are able to order materials from the Membership Secretary on 01296 482128 (or email info@nullntda.co.uk), requesting such as posters for display in centres, as well as other material for use online.

Serious concerns exist about the use of such pre-used, untested product – much of which is alleged to come from abroad, and be fitted at ‘backstreet garages’. At Lodge Tyre Co. Ltd, we look to provide you with the best, fully tested, new tyre your budget allows having taken into account all the available information about your driving habits.


It’s a bit of a cliché now, but still true: that only part of your vehicle’s safety system in contact with the road are its tyres. Compromise on them and you put yourself, your loved ones and all other road users at risk.


Since November 2012 it’s been a legal requirement that every tyre sold in the UK comes with a fully audited tyre label. Manufacturers must provide 3 key data points for each unit sold, namely

  • Fuel efficiency allied to the tyre’s rolling resistance
  • Tyre’s external noise level
  • Safety Associated with grip in the wet

Such testing isn’t for any reason other than to give the consumer the key data about how safe their new tyres are. Part worns by the very nature of being pre-used, cannot be graded against these 3 key criteria, so must be assumed inherently unsafe.

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