Understanding the new tyre labelling system

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From 1 st May 2021 the now familiar tyre safety label information has changed. This is the first overhaul since the regulations came into force in November 2012.

The old scoring of 7 bands for fuel efficiency and 6 bands for wet grip performance are narrowed to just 5 each. Assessment scores are now graded on a scale of A (best) to E (poorest). Noise levels are also now given an A (best) to C (poorest) scale and shown along with the actual decibel score.

Additionally, two new graphics are introduced for winter tyres: one where the tyre is especially suited for driving in the snow, as in the example shown below, and one for handling on ice in Nordic winter conditions.

Snow symbol Snow

Nordic conditions

New tyre labelling system

Understanding these scales when you next purchase a tyre has the potential save lives. Did you know for instance, that in wet conditions the stopping distance of a band A tyre is up to 18 metres
shorter compared to a band C one when brake sharply from 50mph.

All the information is now available on the label via a QR code too.


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